“I love Curacubby. As a director, Curacubby had saved me hundreds of hours!”
“We have brought in more money this year and for the first time, we actually get paid the late fees without all the awkwardness.”

Osnat Shlain

Director, The Lake School

“I had been doing invoicing the old-fashioned way for almost 20 years, everything by hand. A Curacubby flyer sat on my desk for months. When several parents asked me if there was an option to pay online, I finally called them!”

“I don’t have to do anything once it’s set up! I love the automatic recurring invoicing.”

“Even though I have a handful of parents that pay by check, most of them are thrilled that I have joined the 21st century and online payments are finally an option.”


Jennifer Miller

Director and Teacher, Garden Day Montessori

“We asked other schools in the area and Curacubby was the hands down favorite.”

“We are saving a tremendous amount of administrative time associated with our billing process. It would usually take roughly 40 hours a month to process payments and deal with billing related issues. We are now spending only a couple of hours each month.”

“The customer support and the ease of set up were great. The ability to use the system for registration and reporting is huge. For example, we need to provide Bacich Elementary a roster of every child, by program, by day, on a weekly basis.”

Caitlin Schmitt

Administrator, Marin Enrichment

“This service is so amazing!”

“They are saving me time and money every month!”

Deltrina Johnson

Director, Boulevard Academy

WellSpring Educational Services

“We have easily reduced our staff time and billing process cost by 50%. In addition to the cost savings, the ease of independent access to the billing/payment history for our families is significant!”

Dana Sassone

Director, Wellspring Educational Services

“Managing my business is much easier with Curacubby. I don’t have to worry about sending invoices or charging late fees every month; Curacubby does it all!”

“The website is so friendly and customer service is outstanding! We love Curacubby!”

Patricia Van Der Beek

Director, CreArt Early Education & Preschool