In 2012, Curacubby founder Steven Khuong and a group of passionate parents and educators, started a preschool program that offered a whole-child approach to educating children with special needs. Khuong’s son was diagnosed with autism in 2009.

As their program expanded, Khuong realized their school’s educational goals were held back by their low-tech systems of payment, registration, and recordkeeping.

Most private preschools, collect money from parents the same way they have since the 1970’s, by personal check. As their program expanded, Khuong found too much time was spent creating monthly invoices, manually tracking payments, depositing checks, sending out late payment reminders, and responding to parent requests for statements. The school needed to focus on teaching, not bookkeeping.

So Steven teamed up with two of his friends and fellow parents, Brian Meckler and Ross Lugos, to create an automated and secure online payment, registration, and recordkeeping system designed just for schools.  Curacubby bridges the gap between quality childcare and mobile commerce. Curacubby lets schools focus on what they do best – educating our children.

Curacubby is cohort of the Envestnet | Yodlee accelerator, ranked as the #2 Fintech incubator worldwide.  Curacubby is backed by Envestnet | Yodlee’s award-winning, state of the art APIs to ensure data integrity and transactional security.  Curacubby’s advisory board is led by top executives from some of the most reputable SaaS and digital payment companies in the world.