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Curacubby is the #1 end-to-end solution for online registration, waitlist management, automated billing, integrated payments, advanced reporting and more!

Save 30 Hours Per Week!

“Curacubby saves me 30 hours a week in office work and running to the bank to make deposits. My parents absolutely love Curacubby and being able to pay from their cell phones or online. It has made tuition collection something that happens in the background while I spend time with parents and my staff!”

Kari Rohwer Powell
Alphabet Soup Childcare
Director / President

Eliminate Laborious Office Tasks

Owners, directors, and administrators are inundated with operational tasks that detract them from providing the quality education their students deserve.

This is the percentage of school time lost to billing and financial operations every month:

36.4% – Solving Billing Issues With Clients
24.2% – Preparing Bills
15.1% – Collecting Payments
9.1%   – Logging Receipts
9.1%   – Preparing Bank Transmittals
6.1%   – Distributing Bills

Solve your school’s payments and operational problems
without being a techie or an accountant!

Curacubby automates billing, invoicing, accounting, collections, communications, and document workflow so you don’t have to hire additional staff.

Get your entire school up and running without lifting a finger. We’re cutting-edge software & your dedicated business partner.

Our world-class support team guides every step of the process, ensuring that you don’t lose time trying to figure things out.

Accept online payments right out of the box.  No arduous underwriting processes or expensive integrations.  Get paid immediately!

Say Hello to Your New Business

Save hundreds to thousands of dollars per month!

Create an Invoice

Fast School Set-up

Automate invoices, late fees, payments, and workflow in minutes!

Invoice Paid

No Credit Card Fees

Instant secure digital payments. School gets 100% of billing!

Invoice Delivered to Cellphone

Parent Statements 

Parents access financial documents on their phones, anytime!

How Does Curacubby Work?

Watch our 1 minute walk-through

Parents, are you tired of writing paper checks?  Refer your school to Curacubby! 

Why schools love Curacubby




“We asked other schools in the area and Curacubby was the hands down favorite.”

“We are saving a tremendous amount of administrative time associated with our billing process. We really love Curacubby!”

Caitlin Schmitt, Administrator
Marin Enrichment, Kentfield, CA


“We are happy to use Curacubby as our billing platform – very convenient for parents and extremely affordable for me as I was drowning in fees before!! Thank you!”

Amber Smith, Owner / Director
Le Petit Jardin, San Anselmo, CA

“I don’t have to do anything once it’s set up! I love the automatic recurring invoicing.”

“Thrilled that I have joined the 21st century and online payments are finally an option.”

Jennifer Miller, Director and Teacher
Garden Day Montessori School, Berkeley, CA



Growing Light Montessori


“With Curacubby, I no longer have to worry about payments. I’m back to doing what I love – working with parents, my teachers, and most of all, my students.”

Growing Light Montessori, Kensington, CA

Wellspring Educational Services


“We have easily reduced our staff time and billing process cost by 50%. In addition to the cost savings, the ease of independent access to the billing/payment history for our families is significant!”

Wellspring Educational Services, Walnut Creek, CA

The Boulevard Academy


“Curacubby software has made our business not only successful and worry-free but a joy. I cannot imagine our business without the Curacubby software and amazing team.”

The Boulevard Academy, Oakland, CA


“Curacubby provides invoices for all the families at the school making it easier for them to see exactly what they owe each month. Many of the families have taken advantage of the bank-to-bank transfer option allowing them to make payments when they think of it regardless of the time of day or night.”

“I have had nothing but positive feedback from my families.”

The Gay Austin School, Berkeley, CA


“I am so grateful to Curacubby for tending to all the tuitions coming in, going out, depositing, keeping track of, having records of it all and having tax information for the families as they need it.”

“You have made my life, my work, so much more fun and freed me up to do the work that I really love, being with the children. Thank you, thank you!”

Wendolyn Bird, Director and Lead Teacher
Tender Tracks Tales & Trails, Fairfax, CA



“Curacubby really helps ease my burden of managing invoices and payments every month. Both parents and school find Curacubby a very user-friendly and convenient tool!”

Little Lamb Bilingual Preschool, Albany, CA

Wise Forest Preschool


“Curacubby has saved our school so much time with invoicing. It’s easy for families to use and provides them with several payment options. Curacubby also has great support when we have any questions. They respond quickly and are a pleasure to work with. I’m absolutely thrilled about it!”

Wise Forest Preschool, San Francisco, CA


“Managing my business is much easier with Curacubby. I don’t have to worry about sending invoices or charging late fees every month; Curacubby does it all!”

“The website is so friendly and customer service is outstanding! We love Curacubby!”

Patricia Van Der Beek, Director
CreArt Early Education & Preschool, San Rafael, CA



“I love Curacubby. As a director, Curacubby had saved me hundreds of hours!”

“We have brought in more money this year and for the first time, we actually get paid the late fees without all the awkwardness.”

Osnat Shlain, Director
The Lake School, Oakland, CA

“Curacubby has been great for me as it has significantly reduced the time it takes to get statements to parents.  The parents love the ease of payment and having all their past statements gathered in one place.” 

“The staff at Curacubby is fantastic.  Their response to any question or issue from myself or the parents is fast, efficient and courteous.” 

Tristen Taylor, Director
Monteverde School, Berkeley, CA

“Not only is it easier for me to balance my monthly income sheets, but invoices can be automated!  Parents can check their accounts, and easily download their own statements for tax or reimbursement purposes.”

“Best of all, Curacubby makes my parents happy to be able to use whatever payment method they want!”

Lauren Kuehn, Director
Green Hills Pre-School, Los Gatos, CA

“Curacubby provides an excellent service. Their system is easy to use and it saves us time when doing accounting and administrative work.”

“Curacubby team is very professional and is always there when you need support. We highly recommend you give them a try for your school needs!”

Alpha Kids Academy, San Francisco, CA


“Curacubby has allowed my families to use technology as a platform to sign their children in and out daily. They have also allowed my families to receive invoices online and pay online.”

Redeemer Preschool, San Rafael, CA

“We are happy that we found Curacubby. It has made registration, and receiving payments so much easier. We are able to focus on different things and the Curacubby Staff has been super attentive to our needs.”

“They are highly recommended and we look forward to using Curacubby in our future Preschool locations.”

Let’s Play in Spanish Preschools, California




“My parents absolutely love Curacubby and being able to pay from an app on their cell phones or on-line.  It has made tuition collection something that happens in the background while I spend time with parents and my staff.”

“This is the best thing I have done for my center in years.”

Kari Rohwer Powell, Director and President
Alphabet Soup Childcare, Inc., Woodland, CA






“I’m really happy about Curacubby and billing has become very easy now!”

“It was super easy to get the school on board! The set up is very well organized – and the folks at Curacubbby are super responsive! They really guided me through the process and always answer all my questions the same day. We’re happy to be with Curacubby :)”

Kleine Schule, Oakland, CA